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This is my tribute to the best playmaker in the game!

Thank you for visiting my page, I hope you find it very informative as well as fun. Mark Jackson has been my favorite player since he entered the NBA in 1987 with the New York Knicks. I feel that he is very underrated and I think that it's about time everyone started to realize what type of player he is. Mark may not score 30 points a night, but that's because his style is to find the open man for the easy 2; he is a winner, and he does what he has to do to win. I'm sure many more people have enjoyed his style over the past few years since the Pacers have been deep in the playoffs! But for all those who don't know much about the man I consider "the best playmaker in the NBA", here you are;

Career Bests

Points34@ Philadelphia11/18/88
Rebounds16vs. Vancouver1/22/97
Assists22vs. New Jersey1/20/97
Steals8vs. Indiana12/13/92

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